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walking this thin line between dreams and reality

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3 January 1988
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...Okay, how did you get here? I was under the impression that this was untrackable, unfindable, un-everything-able. (I'm so going to demand a refund.)

Just kidding. *grins*

So anyway, welcome to my (small enough) webspace where I fangirl, rant, muse, fangirl some more, post daily-life info and crack and upload the occasional fanfic/fanart. In short, you've just stumbled across this girl's life, almost literally.

There's nothing much to say about myself really: 23, Chinese, slightly taller than average (and certainly more wide as far as I'm concerned), writes fanfiction, attempts now and then at art, loud, enjoys life, eating and reading; how do you do?

Art by iyori. Banner by axtar.

Most of my entries are very much work-safe (if you discount the occasional 'kya', 'squee' and incoherent keymashing) and are therefore unlocked, but rants (which are becoming all too frequent these days), alongside certain types of crack, majority of fanart (or art) and my (often very blunt) opinions will be kept from public view. Considering most of my posts are friends-locked these days, it's safe to say this journal now officially operates on a semi-friends basis.

If you're here for the fanfiction, just go over to my master list of fiction over HERE or use the 'fanfic' tag. No need to wade through the other posts and get lost within the clutter that is my rambling. Simple, easy, and no particular need for friending. =)

But if you're thinking of staying for the long run...*is beaned* Seriously though, I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends, so if you've managed to read this far and still want to befriend me, just drop a comment off on my latest LJ post and we'll go from there. Don't worry, I rarely bite and not without good reason and am pretty good-natured and easy-going. Who knows? It may be a start of a long and beautiful friendship....

...Or a long and insane fangirling adventure but hey, who's counting? XD

Final Fantasy X is angsty gameplay love

Nagayan is smexy total love!

Tuti & Nagayan is 2-Years' Friendship ♥

Original Tenimyu Cast. Luv Forever
Original Tenimyu Cast. Luv Forever

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